One PERMANENT Position offered. The job duties and responsibilities include:

Characterize hydraulic fracture complexity and criterion to control or optimize productive rock volume in order to maximize well productivity. Advise on use of computational modeling technologies for informed decision-making and risk reduction in the field management of unconventional shale oil wells. Synthesize large volumes of geophysical data to interpret features spaces. Analyze hydraulic fracture design modeling and design scenarios. Manage design and testing of simulators to assess reservoir properties and monitor different stages of fracturing. Assess the costs, production capabilities, and economic viability of oil and gas wells. Develop plans for extraction, product recovery, and treatment. Direct and monitor evaluation of wells, well testing, and well surveys. Analyze data to recommend processes to enhance production. Monitor production rates and plan rework processes to improve production. Interpret drilling and testing information for personnel. Specify and supervise well modification and stimulation programs to maximize oil and gas recovery. Confer with scientific, engineering, and technical personnel to resolve design, research, and testing problems. Work with computer modeling software such as ECLIPSE Reservoir Engineering Software, Petrel, or PVTi. Also work with Landmark Graphics' The Oilfield Workstation production allocation software systems.


Master's Degree in Petroleum Engineering plus 24 months of experience as Reservoir Engineer, Petroleum Engineer or closely related.

Work Schedule:Monday through Friday / 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
Salary:$120,000 per year
Duration of Job:Full time permanent position.
Apply To:Megan Sun, Manager / Sheeta Global Tech Corp. (DBA: SGTC Co.)
Mailing Address:738 Arrow Grand Circle, Covina, CA 91722
Work Site Address: 738 Arrow Grand Circle, Covina, CA 91722
Telephone:(626) 858-5758