Detailed Gas Analyses

At SHEETA Global Technology, Inc. we are equipped to handle gas samples from numerous sources including but not limited to: (1) natural gas production, (2) refinery process streams. (3) Coal-bed methane, (4) oil and gas refinery waste streams, (5) Landfill operations.

Typically, most gas samples are processed and quantified using a vacuum line and Toepler pump assembly. Next, the gas is passed via a heated transfer-line to a gas chromatograph. The gas chromatograph (GC) is an HP6890 modified for total gas analysis. This GC is calibrated with primary gravimetrically mix gas standards. It is equipped with two channels, dual thermal conductivity detectors (TCD) and a flame ionization detector (FID). One channel employs a packed-column array to measure H2, He, CO2, H2S, O2+Ar, N2, CO components with TCD detectors. The other channel employs a capillary column to measure C1 to C6 hydrocarbon components with an FID detector.

Our Service Areas


  • SAR A (Saturate, Aromatic, and Resin) by Open Column
  • Separation MPLC Separation of Saturate and/or and Aromatic fractions


  • Compressed/Non-compressed Field Samples
  • Thermal Extraction GC
  • Saturate or Aromatic GC
  • High Resolution GC of Crude Oil or Extract
  • High Temperature GC of Crude Oil or Extract
  • Oil Reservoir Continuity GC (complete interpretation)


  • Quantitative Saturate or Aromatic GC/MS (HP 5973)
  • High resolution GCMS
  • Quantitative GC/MS/MS