H2S Removal from Natural Gas

Development of cost-effective methods to remove H2S from gas streams has attracted tremendous attentions because of H2S corrosion problems to distribution and refinery units and tightening regulations for controlling the H2S emission. We have discovered a catalytic oxidative process that can directly convert H2S to So. Moreover, the overall conversion unit is extremely compact and lightweight, which can be readily adapted in remote gas fields.

Figure 2: Even without the presence of additional catalysts, the one-pass conversion of H2S is nearly 100% for 30 minutes.

Figure 3: Formation of Elemental Sulfur (S0)

Advantages of Our Technologies

  • Direct one-pass H2S to S0 Conversion (non-Claus processing)
  • Simple operation and environmental friendly (compact and lightweight)
  • Non-toxic, cost-effective and low operating temperature
  • Portable for on-site usage in remote areas

This intellectual discovery is protected by a U.S patent awarded to SHEETA. Please contact us for more information.