Developing High-Throughput Fast Screening Technology

Traditional methods of finding ideal catalysts for bulk chemical processes can be complicated and extremely costly tasks. Combinatorial techniques, which revolutionized the search for new drug molecules in the 1990s, have recently showed promise for the rapid development of functional inorganic materials, such as heterogeneous catalysts. Developing high-throughput fast screening apparatus for heterogeneous catalyst tests has been a continuous effort of SHEETA.

The goals of our R&D activities to develop high-throughput fast screening technologies are:

  • Rationalized apparatus for parallel combinatorial catalyst testing
  • Fosters discovery of new catalysts to reduce energy intensity of chemical production
  • Energy and time saving to reduce R&D costs.

At SHEETA, we have developed a series of high-throughput analysis techniques for the needs of fast screening of catalyst performances.

  • Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy
  • Separation and Mass Spectroscopy
  • Sensor and Sensor Arrays
  • Electrochemical Analyses
  • Combinatorial Libraries, Data Management, and Scale-up