Advanced Parallel Thermal Reservoir Simulator

Thermal recovery methods are typically used in heavy oil reservoirs where the high oil viscosity can be sensibly reduced with temperature increases. NUMSIP is a 3-D, three phase, multiple components thermal reservoir simulator. It can be applied to study the following problems:

  • Single well huff and puff
  • Continuous steam injection
  • Hot fluid or gas injection
  • CO2 or natural gas injection
  • Well bore heaters and simple combustion
  • Steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD)

Figure 1: Fitting of Oil Production Rate (solid line – simulation value; dash line – field value).

Figure 2: Residual Oil Saturation.

Figure 3: Residual Oil Distribution.

Advantages of Our Technologies

  • 3-D, three-phase, multiple components
  • Phase behavior
  • Combined Serial and Parallel Thermal Reservoir simulator
  • Irregular Domain Decomposition
  • High Parallel Computation Efficiency
  • Cost Effective Computation
  • Flexible Pre- and Post- Processing