Organic Sulfur Compound Removal from Crude Oils

Sulfur reduction is important for refineries for several reasons. 1) Many catalysts in reformer units are sensitive to the amount of sulfur in the feed; 2) Air pollution control standard requirement; 3) SO2 emission from the hydrogenation of the sulfur-containing coke; 4) Organosulfur content will poison the hydrocracking catalyst; 5) Most of sulfur compounds are corrosive.

Our unique approach is a 2-stage sulfur removal process, including a) using a fixed bed solid catalyst for the thermal cracking of crude oil to removal labile sulfur species, and b) using aqueous phase or gas phase oxidants to convert aromatic sulfur to water soluble species. The temperature ranges from 100-500 ℃, more preferred temperature range is from 150-250 ℃.

  • A unique 2-stage catalytic sulfur removal process
  • Significant improvements of both low temperature (150 ~ 250 ℃) and the amount of sulfur removal ( >80%)

This intellectual discovery is protected by a U.S patent awarded to SHEETA. Please contact us for more information.